As a naturalist guide and "diveguide," Mathias Espinosa has been working in the Galápagos since 1988. Along with Jack Nelson, Espinosa opened the dive shop Scuba Iguana in 1996, and conducts over 700 dives per year.

Born in Germany to German and Ecuadorian parents, Espinosa is the only scuba Instructor trainer in Galápagos (and one of only two in Ecuador), and has logged over 5000 dives. In addition, he is an underwater video and camera expert who has collaborated with numerous underwater photographers and documentary and motion picture production companies.

A pioneer diveguide in Galápagos, Espinosa has worked to find and map dive sites-several of which have been designated as recognized natural sanctuaries. Active in conservation and natural history education, he has also worked to combat illegal fishing in the Galápagos National Park. [back]