"When you are filming in 3D format, there are a fair amount of technical challenges, such as considering foreground and background, and the converging points of focus for the lenses," explains Al Giddings. "Yet the biggest and toughest challenges of filming an underwater film using IMAX 3D technology was in figuring out how to handle and operate the camera, which weighs 1700 pounds [770 kilograms], and to maneuver the camera in a natural history configuration… trying to do moving shots and drift with the current, trying to get to the sharks and other animals when you need four or five people just to help you get the camera to the shooting position. With the enormity of the camera itself, coupled with the large casing that was needed to withstand water seepage and the pressure at lower depths, it would take 10 people to get the camera into the water and then between two and five of us to get it to the bottom."